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Laphroaig 10 Year Old Scotch

Posted in scotch with tags on March 21, 2009 by Mick


Go into any bar that has a decent booze selection and youll probably find this standard Scotch whiskey on the shelf.


For a standard, its taste screams quality.


As stated before, im starting to REALLy get into Scotch whiskey, mainly because im Welsh, and i idolized my “fresh from Wales” grandfather for years, and i do to this day….and his poison was Scotch.


I just felt like i wasnt OLD enough for it. And when i say old, i dont mean in the pipe tobacco and sock garter way, but beyond “lets go get shots of whiskey” days, when i would come home from work, let out the dog, pop the cork on a bottle and pour myself two-fingers’ neat of Scotch.


This is a Scotch i could do this with. Some people really like the leather/tobacco strength of a Scottish whiskey, where thats what kinda kicks me sideways….but if its done WELL, and well is subjective to my spit, then its beautiful. Its got the leatheryness, but its balanced with…dare i say….a smokiness that softens the blow.


Maybe im a pussy, for starting on the 10 years, but i wanna progress into a taste i can recognize, and see the evolution. Im getting there… grandfather would be proud.


Kinda. Hed have started me on his 25.


Here’s to you Bomp.


My score – 88 out of 100


He’brew Genesis Ale

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I need to kvetch just a little…


I had one of these for the first time about two years ago, but i was shithoused, so i dont remember the taste.


Fast forward to today, and i can see why.


The taste is not at all memorable, but everything else is.


It, like its body and color, is a very relaxed smooth beer that is not as hoppy as it should be for a pale ale….i expected a little more pop off pof the end note, but it left me hanging…


I felt pilsnered.


At any rate, its still a refreshing swig, and i will most likely continue to drink this beer on a summer day.


Now feel free to kibbutz about it.


My score – 71 out of 100.

Pyrat XO Reserve Rum

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Ninety percent of the people i know that drink rum drink the basics….Capt Morgan, Bacardi and the like. And NONE of these people find these rums to be good enough to drink alone, unless its some infused bullshit like Malibu.


At that point i end the friendship.


Enter Pyrat. (I know as tempting as it is to say “pigh-rit” its pronounced “puh-ROT”)


From the immediate smiling Hoti around the bottle, you know its going to be an enlightening experience. This XO Reserve is aged for 15 years in two barrels….French Limousin oak and American oak.


This gives this rum a very fruity, yet creamy, buttery flavor. The flavor then snaps back with a sweet honey glazed lip smack. Like imagine getting hit by a Powerpuff Girl.


The other thing i like about this rum, which is a blend of other Carribean rums, is its dark color.  Rarely do you find such a sweet rum so easy to drink and yet, so dark and complicated.


And that, my scallywags, is my ONE bitch abouyt this rum…its soooo easy to drink, you forget this is an 80 proof booze.


Think of it as liquid candy that will knock you out and rob your ass blind.


All while singing a sea shanty.


My score on this beauty is 92 out of 100.

Basil Hayden 8 Year Bourbon

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On the first sip of this very interestingly packaged bottle…(it looks like biblical parchment attached to the bottle via a gold metal ring) and you get this immediate smack of smoke and leather…lightly akin to scotch….to me anyway.


Its body is very smooth after that, and only gets better. As you roll it around your mouth, you get citrus, sweetness and some berries off the flavor, mostly in thanks to the rye used in the mix. One of the biggest surprises was a hint of mint i got….i actually had to scour the internet to see if i was the only one getting this….


Its pretty complex and has more personalities than that chick on Maury. Especially considering the recipe they are using dates back over 200 years.


At 80 proof, it isnt one of the stronger bourbons, but it can definitely toss a punch like the rest.


It just takes a few more smacks to knock you down.


My score – 94 out of 100

Macallan’s 10 Year Fine Oak Scotch

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Scotch isnt for everyone…im really trying to get into it…mainly because i almost feel like i need to.


Being someone who claims to have impeccable tastes in spirits, ive historically fallen short in conversations about scotch. Why?


I could never get over how strong the tastes were. Even in food, ive always been super sensitive to saffron, how leathery it was, or how tobaccoo-ey it was.


Maybe it was that time in HS when i ate a cigarette on a dare.


Who knows….but at any rate, this particular scotch is aged at 10 years in three different casks. Two sherry barrels (an American barrel and a European barrel) which gives it the stronger smokey notes, and an American oak barrel aged in bourbon, that gives this scotch a fruity citrus tinge, and softens the hard leather taste associated with it.


I can only assume at 10 years, its probably a good beginner’s scotch, as i know Macallan’s name to be somewhat respected in the Scottish whiskey community.


I liked this scotch, and might even be eager for a smokier, oakier flavor.


My score – 84 out of 100

Blind Tiger Gin

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Ok…straight up…this gin is HAND MADE in the East Bay, California, and is not sold in stores.


But it should be.


Im not at all a gin drinker. Ill enjoy an occasional gin and tonic, but its the strong taste of tile cleanser that turns me off.


Not so much with Blind Tiger…BT has an INCREDIBLE pop of juniper, the base berry of gin. But it doesnt taste like an immature gin…it tastes like a very complicated gin. Its finish is ginny, but not cheap ginny, which can be akin to something quinoa-esque that makes your lips purse in a grimacing nightmare. But this gin…complicated.


Like a stripper that can quote Kafka and likes to sing along to The Dillinger Escape Plan with her eyes closed.


At any rate, it sucks that not anyone can just go out and buy this….but if you know me, ill have some to share soon. Once i know more about the distiller, i will update this post…until then, take it for what its worth…this gin can make me a gin drinker.


My score – 96 out of 100.

Budweiser American Ale

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large_budweiser-american-ale-bottle-and-glassI know what youre thinking. And sometimes your first instincts are dead on.

Such was the case here.

Now look, i can appreciate when you have some HUGE company try and go all “boutiquey” and all “artisan”….but come on….what can you possibly do? Youre fucking Budweiser…..

You come off as ridiculous as Starbucks using their Clover machine……please. Just stop.

I can see this very BLAND ale marketed to compete with something of the calibur of a Sam Adams, a Full Sail….something better than bud…but worse than Sierra Nevada. No?

I mean, the pros are this….its EASY to drink for a heavier ale, and the color is a beautiful copper. It definitely makes Budweiser look good….but fuck man…

I mean….the best way I can describe the taste, is if you added Mrs Dash to a regular old, unfortunate Budweiser…..sad to say.

I think if i had the choice between this and regular Bud….man… be reaching for the flask of Jameson.

This beer might be good for a BBQ…..but seriously….this is like putting a bowtie on an ugly kid.

My score – 64 out of 100.