Blind Tiger Gin



Ok…straight up…this gin is HAND MADE in the East Bay, California, and is not sold in stores.


But it should be.


Im not at all a gin drinker. Ill enjoy an occasional gin and tonic, but its the strong taste of tile cleanser that turns me off.


Not so much with Blind Tiger…BT has an INCREDIBLE pop of juniper, the base berry of gin. But it doesnt taste like an immature gin…it tastes like a very complicated gin. Its finish is ginny, but not cheap ginny, which can be akin to something quinoa-esque that makes your lips purse in a grimacing nightmare. But this gin…complicated.


Like a stripper that can quote Kafka and likes to sing along to The Dillinger Escape Plan with her eyes closed.


At any rate, it sucks that not anyone can just go out and buy this….but if you know me, ill have some to share soon. Once i know more about the distiller, i will update this post…until then, take it for what its worth…this gin can make me a gin drinker.


My score – 96 out of 100.


4 Responses to “Blind Tiger Gin”

  1. laureniskeen Says:

    even I cant stand gin…but this shit was good!

  2. idea? maybe add categories for your ratings, like those from 0-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76-100, so maybe a reader can select from 76-100 for suggestions on drinks.

    good gin mixed with cranberry and lime is okay with me.

    • Excellent suggestion for categorizing the ratings….

      Thats a lunch break project.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Seriously, this was the best gin I’ve EVER had. Hands down. Once we pal up to Mr. Distiller, I move that we start a new Gin Craze in the mold of hyphee-sophisticates.

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