Basil Hayden 8 Year Bourbon



On the first sip of this very interestingly packaged bottle…(it looks like biblical parchment attached to the bottle via a gold metal ring) and you get this immediate smack of smoke and leather…lightly akin to scotch….to me anyway.


Its body is very smooth after that, and only gets better. As you roll it around your mouth, you get citrus, sweetness and some berries off the flavor, mostly in thanks to the rye used in the mix. One of the biggest surprises was a hint of mint i got….i actually had to scour the internet to see if i was the only one getting this….


Its pretty complex and has more personalities than that chick on Maury. Especially considering the recipe they are using dates back over 200 years.


At 80 proof, it isnt one of the stronger bourbons, but it can definitely toss a punch like the rest.


It just takes a few more smacks to knock you down.


My score – 94 out of 100


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