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Rogue Double Dead Guy Ale

Posted in beer with tags , , , on March 8, 2009 by Mick

medium_doubledgThis was something….

I wasnt sure what to expect with this frisky ale….it beckoned me like a slutty siren with its red bottle on the shelf….

Ill say this now….im a sucker for a red dress…this Rogue Brewery Ale got me.

I was expecting a punch in the mouth, fuck you, here’s drunkeness, here’s mayhem, and here’s a headache in the morning….since its the “double” version of its older brother, Dead Guy Ale. I am a good friend of this beer…a very good friend.

But what i got was a complex sweetheart. You know…that girl that may be NASTY on the outside….but man….shes all about just LOVING you.

The first pull off of this ales had an initially caramelly smack in the mouth with a finish that had notes of melon and tart citrus. But the best was the body in between…imagine both of those things with the taste of a mild baked bread in between.

See…i never expected it.

I never expected myself to want this beer the next time i had a spicy Thai dish, or even a pulled pork sandwich with extra Sriracha.

Though im not a huge fan of fruity complex beers, it helped convince me that not all girls in red dresses are dangerous.

My score – 91 out of 100.


Lobotomy Bock

Posted in beer with tags , on March 6, 2009 by Mick


They should have called this “haymaker”.


Weighing at 10.8% alcohol, this Indian Wells Brewing Company’s doppelbock (aka dobbelbock)  is a heavyweight. But dont let that make you think its a fat ass.


This beer is more of a hornet’s nest.


Its amazing notes of chocolate, coffee and roasted hazlenut make this beer easy to drink. Completely TOO easy to drink. Matter of fact, i had about 3, and tapped out for the night.


Maybe this helped the monks during lent. See, waay back in about the 17th century, it’s rumored that monks made beer in times of fasting to not only stay full, but probably put themselves out of their fucking misery for having to do such a stupid thing as not eat food.


Bock beer has a really high content of malts, making it dense, low carbonated and high in gravity. Doppelbock or, “double bock” is exactly what the namesake is….twice a bock. Since its mostly malt, ANY hop flavor is pretty much obscured by the malt notes.


As said before, Lobotomy Bock is no different, as there isnt a trace of hoppiness at all. 


I found this beer to be like cheating the system.


You think youre good then boom. Shit catches up to you.


I would not recommend this beer on an empty stomach like the monks used to….at least if you do, have some chips handy so that you dont start talking to your dog as if he was an English Professor.


Just…dont ask…ok?


I give this dangerous doppelbock an 84 out of 100.

Maker’s Mark

Posted in bourbon with tags , , , on March 6, 2009 by Mick


Weve all been there…


On an elevator, in a club, wherever…someone walks by you, or stands next to you, and then it hits you.


The smell….this can either be a terrible moment (if they smell like a homeless person took a shit in a burning tire) or an incredible moment that youll never forget (like when that hot chick brushed her fingers through her hair and you felt realllly creepy for taking a whiff).


Maker’s Mark did that to me. The first time ive ever had it was in a dimly lit bar in Rhode Island. I pulled the glass slowly to my mouth and before wetting my lips, i took in the most lucious smells of butterscotch and oak. It just about knocked me on my ass, the way the smell of burnt marshmallows makes you feel 8 again.


See…its the quality of ingredients that enables Maker’s Mark to have such an amazing finish, smell (nose as the snobs will say) and texture. You may have heard this…”All bourbons are whiskeys, but not all whiskeys are bourbons”.  As a bourbon, Maker’s is made of ingredients ONLY indiginous to Bourbon County, KY.  Primarily, bourbons (and whiskeys) are made of 70% corn, and the rest a malted grain like barley. The corn is what lends whiskeys its sweetness.


To me, Maker’s is one of the sweetest, smoothest bourbons ive ever had. To be a 90 proof bourbon (45% alcohol) and finish so smooth is a feat in itself.


Plus, for whatever reason, Maker’s Mark doesnt make me fucking psychotic in large doses like SOME whiskeys ill mention later.


I highly recommend this neat or with rocks, but under NO circumstances should you mix this with anything.


It would be like using rare truffle oil to doctor a Big Mac. Fuck that.


Maker’s is the perfect compliment to the end of a meal, a day at the office or punching a clown.


Hey, its your day… you deserve it.


My score – 93


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I started this blog for a couple reasons. Reason one, I like to drink, and number two, i have great taste in what i drink.


The blog will focus primarily on spirits of an adult nature, but im occasionally moved by non-adult beverages that ill need to scream about them.


And trust me….it isnt all gonna be LOVE and RESPECT for something. Ill rip shit apart.


So how will it work? I will use a very basic rating system out of 100. Ill also suggest ways to enjoy said beverage whether its with a bleeding steak, a hot day or taking shots in a dive bar.


Im here to help and take that bullet for you.


Enjoy, and im always looking for feedback.