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Rogue Dead Guy Ale Growler

Posted in ale, beer with tags , , , on April 30, 2009 by Mick

64oz_deadguyAs some of you have seen, i reviewed the Double Dead Guy Ale, which was gorgeous in the packaging alone…

For whatever reason, with beer packaging, i think that bigger IS better.

The 64oz growler they put their Dead Guy in, tastes far better in this form than in draught or singe 16oz bottles. I sit here on my 4th pint, toward the end of the growler and im still enamoured by how fresh and hefty the flavor is….

I like to think of Dead Guy like this….a piece of fresh baked bread, a thick, dense heavy bread, dipped in a super tart applesauce. Ive described it like this before, and alot of people will agree.

The best part, if im not mistaken, is that i can take said growler to the Rogue Ale House in North Beach, SF, and have it refilled. True, its only about $13 at BevMo, but man…just to say you got a beer refilled at a brewery….that is some shit youll ONLY see at Rogue or Speakeasy.

This is also the first strong, hoppy ale i ever got in CA….so it holds a special place.

Show up at the Orange Gallery, and im sure youll find yourself having a pint with me.

My score, 94 out of 100 points.

Green Flash IPA

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gfipaI was introduced to this hoppy Indian Pale Ale on the most beautiful spring day in Berkeley, CA.

I dont usually get alot of cohorts when i suggest an IPA on a hot day, because it sits a little heavy (kind of like a loaf of bread in your gut) but i wanted to try it, and my friends were down.

Sure enough, in addition to the super hoppy snap on the lips, there was an element of grapefruits and citrus that refreshed anything you once though was heavy.

Even your Aunt Ruth.

Im damn glad i found this one, and look forward to pounding a couple pints of these here and there.

My score is a sunny 89 out of 100.

Rebel Yell Bourbon

Posted in bourbon with tags , on April 17, 2009 by Mick

rebSome of you Trader Joe’s shoppers may recognize this as the very Rebel Yell that sells for $9.99. Indeed…it’s the same stuff.


Being adventurous (incredibly adventurous) i will try anything once. And i will drink anything at least once. Hopefully, ill actually enjoy it and go back a second time…


On first glance, you pull a “Here we go….” because its a very LIGHT brown for a bourbon….almost too light. 


But i took a good hearty pull off of it, and was blown away by how NOT weak it was….it wasnt strong, but it was pretty complicated for a cheap bourbon. It was creamier (think butter and maple syrup at the same time) than some, and had a really smooth finish.


Also, its worthy to note that this is one of the only wheated bourbons left.


I dig this little bourbon, and though it wont make history for me, its definitely wirth keeping around the home bar.


My score – 83 out of 100.

Cooper’s Extra Strong Vintage Ale

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cooper1Leave it to the Aussie’s to NOT beat around the bush with a beer’s name.

It is what it is, and they mean it.

It is suggested that this VERY malty ale be kept up to 18 months after purchase to truly age the flavors.

I can assume the bottle i had had been sitting around for its allowed time, because there was some very tasty sediment in the bottom of my tulip glass.

At 7.5% a/v, it packs a punch, especially since it is so easy to drink.

I flipped through this one in about 10 minutes, but i wanted to nurse it because the flavors were just that complex.

I highly recommend this one with some spicy asian food. Or a Coney Island firecracker.

Its yer choice Ted.

My score – 91 out of 100