Dr Swami and Bone Daddy’s Sweet and Sour Mix

drswamiIt isnt often here on WTF is Mick Drinking that ill review a non-alcoholic bevvie, but this one is definitely worth it.


First off, and some of my bourbon fans will agree with my bourbon ethics, its rare for me to mix bourbon with anything. My saliva and one standard sized  ice cube is all i need. But then i have to consider ONE big thing.


I live in Oakland, California. It can be HOT all up in this….as much of a straight bourbon fan as i am, it isnt the most refreshing beverage on a hot day. Now i love a good, crisp IPA like the next guy, but man….something about limes really punches home.


Enter “The Dude” from BevMo who introduced me to Sweet and Sour as a mix with whiskey. I had never HAD a whiskey sour, let alone thought to buy the mix for it. I spent the $5 on a huge bottle, and to not risk wasting any of my GOOD whiskey stock, grabbed the Trader Joe’s Rebel Yell ($9.99!!!!) to try this out. My bartending skills suck. So naturally, my ratio was this. 1:1. Half and half.


The lime is explosive, and the tartness TRULY masks the harsh end note of hot whiskeys. The sweet complements the clovey-ness and citrus notes in at least this bourbon. I mean, im certainly NOT a Jack n Coke guy….at all….maybe ten years ago when i didnt know any better….but fuck man….if i were gonna mix a drink, ONLY on a hot day, its this….the Oakland Margerita. Ha!


I recommend this for some of the whiskeys in your collection that are pretty basic in taste, and can handle the extremities of Sweet and Sour….i wouldnt do this with many good bourbons, except for maybe Red Stag, which ill review later on.


My score for the Sweet n Sour Mix – 89 out of 100.

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