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Maker’s 46

Posted in bourbon on August 31, 2010 by Mick

Ok…here we go. Let me give you an analogy that anyone could understand. I used to have an 84 VW Rabbit. It was passed down to me from my Pops, who bought it brand new in 84. It was 1991, I got my license, and i was set to take over the world. My dad, unfortunately, had a stroke, and couldnt drive stick anymore. One day, when i asked to borrow the other car (a 1986 Plymouth Reliant K Car Station wagon) he tossed me the Rabbit keys and said “If you teach yourself stick, you can HAVE it.”

HAVE it. Like, take it. Its yours. A 1984 Rabbit, in 1991 with…count them….31K miles. It was the Wolfsburg edition, which means it was as loaded as a Rabbit could be. And at the time, in my mind, it was well, just a Rabbit. Eighty-nine horsepower. TOTAL. Thats it. I knew the value of a dollar, and accepted the free car…but my teenage mind was like, “Damn…some of my friends have muscle cars…i got …this.” I had all these preconceived notions of Rabbits. Slow. Four cylinders. Tiny. Until i took it out. Once i got the hang of shifting, ill never look back or diss something i had preconceived notions about.

Enter Maker’s 46. Maker’s Mark has always been a decent go-to, but always never what i would consider top shelf. So the notion of Maker’s making a boutique bourbon was like…well, the Rabbit but being the loaded Wolfsburg Edition. Until first taste.

Jesus. H. Christ. This is NOT Maker’s Mark. This is Michters. This is Blantons. This is amazing. The depth, the caramel, the butterscotch, the body. This shit was Ice T’s wife Coco in a thong. (Google her. You wont regret it.) This is seriously one of the most complex bourbons Ive ever had. The nose, insane notes of caramels, and yes…oatmeal cookies! And at 94 proof, this taste is a PERFECT proof. The heat doesnt kill the delicate flavors, but yet adds enough for a kick. I even tasted some oak!

I picked up this bottle for $34 at Cask, and I was lucky, given that its slow rollout is making it a bit scarce. But, make no mistake, I would pick it up ASAP. Who knows how long this little bourbon is going to last. Especially with its boutique-ness.

Dont be a fool like me, and judge things based on what you think they might be.

My score – 97 out of 100