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Laphroaig 10 Year Old Scotch

Posted in scotch with tags on March 21, 2009 by Mick


Go into any bar that has a decent booze selection and youll probably find this standard Scotch whiskey on the shelf.


For a standard, its taste screams quality.


As stated before, im starting to REALLy get into Scotch whiskey, mainly because im Welsh, and i idolized my “fresh from Wales” grandfather for years, and i do to this day….and his poison was Scotch.


I just felt like i wasnt OLD enough for it. And when i say old, i dont mean in the pipe tobacco and sock garter way, but beyond “lets go get shots of whiskey” days, when i would come home from work, let out the dog, pop the cork on a bottle and pour myself two-fingers’ neat of Scotch.


This is a Scotch i could do this with. Some people really like the leather/tobacco strength of a Scottish whiskey, where thats what kinda kicks me sideways….but if its done WELL, and well is subjective to my spit, then its beautiful. Its got the leatheryness, but its balanced with…dare i say….a smokiness that softens the blow.


Maybe im a pussy, for starting on the 10 years, but i wanna progress into a taste i can recognize, and see the evolution. Im getting there… grandfather would be proud.


Kinda. Hed have started me on his 25.


Here’s to you Bomp.


My score – 88 out of 100

Macallan’s 10 Year Fine Oak Scotch

Posted in scotch with tags , , on March 9, 2009 by Mick



Scotch isnt for everyone…im really trying to get into it…mainly because i almost feel like i need to.


Being someone who claims to have impeccable tastes in spirits, ive historically fallen short in conversations about scotch. Why?


I could never get over how strong the tastes were. Even in food, ive always been super sensitive to saffron, how leathery it was, or how tobaccoo-ey it was.


Maybe it was that time in HS when i ate a cigarette on a dare.


Who knows….but at any rate, this particular scotch is aged at 10 years in three different casks. Two sherry barrels (an American barrel and a European barrel) which gives it the stronger smokey notes, and an American oak barrel aged in bourbon, that gives this scotch a fruity citrus tinge, and softens the hard leather taste associated with it.


I can only assume at 10 years, its probably a good beginner’s scotch, as i know Macallan’s name to be somewhat respected in the Scottish whiskey community.


I liked this scotch, and might even be eager for a smokier, oakier flavor.


My score – 84 out of 100