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Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

Posted in vodka on September 14, 2009 by Mick

firefly-sweet-tea-vodkaLet me tell you about danger.

The type of danger where you cant see the inevitability of it all happening in a negative way. Like, you have NO idea the train will hit you. You have NO idea that Ronnie Lott is about to tackle you. You have NO idea the friend you just made at the bar is the Zodiac Killer.

Like, you have NO idea how drunk you are because Firefly was so nice to create such a refreshing drink.

Its the new thing in the booze world…sweet tea vodka. Completely mixable, or completely satisfying straight. Personally, i preferred it on ice, mixed 50/50 with some tart Santa Cruz lemonade. Some would call it a drunken Arnold Palmer.

I call it the John Daly.

In theory, it sounds like alot of these fruity, “any-flavor” vodkas on the market today. Which is fine for some. But to drink “Grape Vodka” sounds as appealing as pounding an OJ after brushing my teeth. But Firefly makes an exception. The tea is a high quality tea that is grown in the Carolinas just 4 miles from the distillery, and not flavoring. The sugar in the “sweet” part is PURE Louisiana cane sugar….not corn syrup. And the vodka…..80 proof.

Having such a delicious freshing beverage, on a hot day, with a burger in hand, man….you get about 4 of these in your system, and POW. The 80 proof catches up.


Im happy i made the discovery, and its a great drink…..just be very careful.

This tea will smack you like a donkey kick.

My score – 89 out of 100.