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Pyrat XO Reserve Rum

Posted in rum, xo with tags , , , on March 12, 2009 by Mick



Ninety percent of the people i know that drink rum drink the basics….Capt Morgan, Bacardi and the like. And NONE of these people find these rums to be good enough to drink alone, unless its some infused bullshit like Malibu.


At that point i end the friendship.


Enter Pyrat. (I know as tempting as it is to say “pigh-rit” its pronounced “puh-ROT”)


From the immediate smiling Hoti around the bottle, you know its going to be an enlightening experience. This XO Reserve is aged for 15 years in two barrels….French Limousin oak and American oak.


This gives this rum a very fruity, yet creamy, buttery flavor. The flavor then snaps back with a sweet honey glazed lip smack. Like imagine getting hit by a Powerpuff Girl.


The other thing i like about this rum, which is a blend of other Carribean rums, is its dark color.  Rarely do you find such a sweet rum so easy to drink and yet, so dark and complicated.


And that, my scallywags, is my ONE bitch abouyt this rum…its soooo easy to drink, you forget this is an 80 proof booze.


Think of it as liquid candy that will knock you out and rob your ass blind.


All while singing a sea shanty.


My score on this beauty is 92 out of 100.