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Macallan’s 10 Year Fine Oak Scotch

Posted in scotch with tags , , on March 9, 2009 by Mick



Scotch isnt for everyone…im really trying to get into it…mainly because i almost feel like i need to.


Being someone who claims to have impeccable tastes in spirits, ive historically fallen short in conversations about scotch. Why?


I could never get over how strong the tastes were. Even in food, ive always been super sensitive to saffron, how leathery it was, or how tobaccoo-ey it was.


Maybe it was that time in HS when i ate a cigarette on a dare.


Who knows….but at any rate, this particular scotch is aged at 10 years in three different casks. Two sherry barrels (an American barrel and a European barrel) which gives it the stronger smokey notes, and an American oak barrel aged in bourbon, that gives this scotch a fruity citrus tinge, and softens the hard leather taste associated with it.


I can only assume at 10 years, its probably a good beginner’s scotch, as i know Macallan’s name to be somewhat respected in the Scottish whiskey community.


I liked this scotch, and might even be eager for a smokier, oakier flavor.


My score – 84 out of 100